Welcome to The Benedictine Way

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At the center of a Benedictine community there is a distinctive “presence” that is somewhat unique in our world today and which people tell us they can often sense almost immediately upon entering Incarnation Monastery. That “presence” stems from the spirit of prayer that permeates our community, the monastery building, even the grounds surrounding the building. The community of The Benedictine Way is only responsible for this “presence” insofar as we do gather each day, four times per day, to pray. That cooperation is essential on our part. But the reason the “presence” can be so felt is because of what Jesus taught us, that where two or three are gathered in his name, Jesus is present.

When you gather four times a day for prayer, in sometimes small numbers, sometimes larger number, we know that Jesus is present among us and we know that the Holy Spirit is guiding us to our loving God. We bring all our own joys, troubles, peace, brokenness, holiness, sin, all of our “stuff”, to this prayer and learn to love more deeply step by step – together and in God’s Holy Name.

The first thing a Benedictine community offers the world is prayer. For us, there is nothing sweeter. It is the first way we attempt to worship God, love one another, welcome friends and strangers alike, and encircle all those in our lives, the poor and forgotten, and the creation itself with God’s love. We really do mean it when we say, we would be overjoyed for you to join us in prayer as often as you feel compelled to. You can find details as to when we gather for prayer here. Peace be upon you.

Brother James Dowd, OSB